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Bride deciding what wedding dress to try out

To Rent A Wedding Dress Or Not, That Is The Question

One of the first questions regarding the wedding dress is whether you are going to buy it or just rent it. A lot of brides freak out when you ask them if they are going to rent a gown. Some can’t handle the fact that it has been worn before, while others are OK with this since they are aware that they will wear the dress once in a lifetime and don’t feel the need to spend a fortune on a gown that will hang in the closet after the day of your dreams.

That’s why we’re here to help you with the upsides and downsides and what to ask when trying it out.

Upsides of renting a wedding dress

  • price $60 – $1000 (usually around 30% of full price; depending on the model) (1 500 – 5 000 kn, depending on the model, 500 kn advance)
  • you can afford well known designer dresses that are typically out of your financial reach (if they are available for rent)
  • you can spend the money you saved from NOT buying a dress on some other thing for your wedding (hairstyle, nails, lighting, flowers, bouquet, the cake and pastries…)
  • maybe it hasn’t been worn (this costs extra)
  • if you’re built like a model, you won’t have trouble fitting in
  • you can look indefinitely for the right one
  • there are extras that come with the dress (some salons usually charge these, recently it is included in price)
  • depending on the salon, the salespeople will help you with advice (extra work on the dress, which color suits you better…)
  • take photos in gowns and look at the photographs at home in order to have an easier choice (if the salon allows taking photos)
Bride trying out wedding dress
Bride trying out wedding dress


Downsides of renting a wedding dress

  • it’s been worn
  • it’s questionable whether the dress will be available for your wedding day and what state it will be in
  • you have to make an appointment in some salons to try it out
  • the choice is not that great as when buying a dress and you’ll have to look harder for it
  • wedding salons don’t allow changes to be made to the dress
  • if you’re not perfectly built, you’ll have trouble finding the right size
  • you won’t have the dress at home after the big day (as a memory of the day you felt like a princess)

The questions you should ask at the wedding salon when renting a gown

  • how much changes and re-tailoring do they allow
  • how long before the wedding can you rent out the dress
  • will it be clean or will you have to take to a dry cleaner (usually the bride has it dry cleaned)
  • do you have to pay for the cleaning when renting the dress
  • do you have to have it cleaned before returning it
  • when do you have to return it
  • what happens if somebody before you ruins it
  • do you have to pay for extra insurance in case of any accidents at your wedding
  • how old is it and how many times has it been worn

Renting a gown will significantly reduce your expenses, and you can even get a brand new dress. But, pay careful attention to extra costs and “fine print” when renting the dress so it doesn’t turn out that you paid for a worn dress more than you would for a new one.

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