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Hairstyles That Are Always In Style

Women never have it as easy as men do. This becomes even clearer clear when it comes to hairstyles. Men can wear the same hairstyle their whole life, while women have to change their look every couple of years. One style is in this year, another one the next, but the problem remains how to match your face shape with the haircut and still like it. Usually, it’s a problem, but there are always some tricks.

Staggered hair
TODAY: Play with the wild side of the cut off layers like Taylor Momsen, but make sure to keep the sides flat and equal. You don’t want too much density.
ONCE: The haircut every girl wanted since the time of “Friends” when Jennifer Aniston was Rachel Green and it was 1995. During that period over 11 million women wore that exact hairstyle and it remains one of the most popular today.
ADVICE: Try not to overdo the styling and remember that the best hairstyle is the one that gives a natural look.


Short tousled hair
TODAY: Play with your hair, go through it with your fingers and tousle it. With firm asymmetric tips, like Halle Berry, this hairstyles can do whatever you want, just as long as it’s not flat.
ONCE: Twiggy, one of the most famous models in the world had this hairstyle in long gone 1967. during a fashion show.
ADVICE: This hairstyle goes best with a small face.


Wavy hair
TODAY: Wavy hair like Sienna Millers should be smooth and shiny, and the effect it gives is soft-shiny, but neater than in recent years.
ONCE: The trademark for this haircut is Farrah Fawcett and she had been since 1976. There isn’t a woman alive who at didn’t try to have a Farrah  Fawcett hairstyle at least once in her lifetime.
ADVICE: For a beautiful and relaxed look, the curls should start below the ear line.


TODAY: Keep it simple and graceful like Anne Hathaway who created a real “boom” with her low-cut chignon. Overdemanding styles like the Audrey Hepburn’s are a thing of the past.
ONCE: 20th century icon Audrey Hepburn lit the world on fire in the 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
ADVICE: Soothe the parting with a touch of styling paste.


Long and flat hair
TODAY: A hairstyle with volume near the roots and a long face like Fergie has style and movements (less weight) than in the 1970’s when a super-flat haircut was in style.
ONCE: Maureen McCormick form the Brady Bunch wore the style in 1971.
ADVICE: Bend the hair tips while ironing it so you get a layered look.


TODAY: Get rid of the Pebbles Flintstone ponytail. Short and flat ponytails are in style today, and make sure your hair is smooth before you attach it a few centimeters above your neck.
ONCE: Pebbles Flintstone from the Flintstones and her legendary cute ponytail in 1960.
ADVICE: Make your hair shiny.


TODAY: Keep your locks longer, almost to shoulder length so they are cut up in the back and even and angled in the front. Just look at how great Ashley Olsen’s hair looks.
ONCE: Molly Ringwald and her short style in 1986.
ADVICE: For an elegant look iron your hair about five centimeters from the scalp.


Curly hair
TODAY: Curly hair should be loose and simple
ONCE: Actor Glenn Close wore feminine curls in 1987. and drove the world crazy with her look.
ADVICE: Spiral curls should twist from the ear, and not from the vertex. That way the top of the head looks smooth and class and you’ll avoid a puffy look.


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