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McDonald’s Wedding Dress For True McBride

Wedding trends are constantly changing and developing from day to day. Wedding dress made out of recycled McDonald’s pieces will surely find lots of followers.

Fashion student Stephanie Castanon at the Miami International University of Art and Design created this masterpiece wedding dress from 20 McCafe Cups, 30 hash browns, 150 Egg McMuffin wrappers, 200 Burrito wrappers, 20 all day breakfast coupons and one breakfast menu clock to appear during Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach.



The World’s biggest fast food chain introduced a 20-strong collection of dresses, skirts and of course, even a wedding dress. We are all hungry now but the show had one more dress that turned every head to. It was wedding dress made out of 900 white wrappers and 60 yellow wrappers.


The whole collection used more than 4,600 McDonald’s sandwich wrappers, 1,770 fry boxes, 1,100 straws, 600 to-go bags, 500 sandwich boxes, 200 soft drink cups, 500 ketchup holders, and 100 McFlurry cups.

These dresses are unfortunately not available for purchase, but they will be on display at the Miami University of Art and Design.




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