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7 Wedding Themed Channels To Follow On Youtube

You know everything can be found online. With a little help you can even get married online if u want to. We have browsed internet a little bit and found very interesting Youtube channels for you from where you can get billion ideas for a day of your dreams.

Subscribe to those channels and incorporate some ideas into your wedding.

1) Modern Wedding
Originally licensed by an Australian-based wedding magazine, this Youtube channel features beautiful wedding films that can give ideas to themes and destinations, as well as wedding gowns and proposals.

Our suggested video: This Bora Bora Destination Wedding Film Reel

2) The Knot
One of the most well-known wedding channels, The Knot’s Youtube clips offer great features from advice to the questions you didn’t know to ask, style and beauty for brides, and wedding etiquette!

Our suggested video, however, is a little different…

3) BrideDeForce
This channel is hosted by two sisters, a (at-the-time) bride and an events planner, so you get the best of both worlds as you can flip through wedding style and beauty tips, but also fantastic How-Tos that will be kind to the wallet, such as table centerpieces, honeymoon packing, and bridesmaid gifts!

Our suggested video: How to make your wedding make-up last all day!

4) WeddingTV
Check this channel out for some ideas on wedding (or honeymoon) destinations, themed weddings, and advice video clips featuring the expertise of photographers, stylists, bakers, etc.

Our suggested video: First Dance Tips

5) Martha Stewart Weddings
This channel is probably the closest to a one-stop shop if any, with its strongest focal points on hair and beauty, and DIY features, (with the occasional exclusive sneak peeks at some celebrity weddings as well!).

Our suggested video (we must include two, one for the ladies, and one for the gentlemen):
DIY Hairstyle – 32 – Pressed Waves

39 – How To Tie a Four-In-Hand


6) Brides Magazine
One word: Experts. This channel may require you to give more of your listening attention than the others as its main takeaway is video interviews with experts in the fashion, style, etiquette, catering departments, and everything in between.

Our suggested video: Best Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

7) Youtique Bridal
This channel hosts a wide number of doable and stylish DIY accessories and decoratives for both bridal and groom needs. Its theme is overall fairly vintage, so a must-see for those who love this genre!

Our suggested video: Wedding Head Jewel DIY

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