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2015 Chinese Horoscope

The Chinese Zodiac uses the details of your birth to uncover your personality traits, best lifestyle, health forecast, career direction, and compatibility with others. The Chinese Zodiac is based on a cycle of five elements and twelve animals ruling each year.

chinese zodiac signs rat2015 Chinese Horoscope: Rat

The Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, helps witty but cautious Rat break free in important new directions. This New Year may begin as a bumpy ride.

The powerful March 20 Total Eclipse asks you to surrender what no longer works in your life. The added stability of Wood helps Rats feel safe but daring all at once. Practicality and creativity intertwine in potent synergy.

Goat emphasizes greater trust and cooperation to empower careful, independent Rat. Embracing change helps you soar on the wings of your own ingenuity. Who says rats can’t fly?

Passionate, work-focused Rat feels subtle new urges in a Goat year. Simple but winning gestures of romance… eyes meeting across a crowded room, the lightest brush of a hand on skin… arouse powerful desires.

Goats know the difference between lust and true love. The slow-growing Wood element helps Rats build a solid friendship with their lover. Goat helps Rat appreciate a partner’s need for occasional solitude.

The August 14 New Moon is lucky for love. Expect renewed satisfaction in established relationships and auspicious beginnings for new liaisons. Be generous with compliments. They are the bricks and mortar of love.

Family & Friends
Goat years are perfect for thrifty and fun-loving Rats to turn simple, casual occasions into vibrant, memorable happenings. More important than the china or the table setting is the wondrous delight of great conversation.

The July 31 Full Moon is particularly auspicious for bringing people together. Silver-tongued Rat easily keeps a party jumping and effortlessly brings out the best in everyone around.

At the same time, generous, sociable Goat brings out the best in you. Indulge the Goat-like urge to dress up in your best and strut your stuff. A busy social life will boost your morale. Let the good times roll!

Rats may feel blocked on all sides as the effects of a shifting economy filter down to you. Refuse to be discouraged by what seem like negative portents as the New Year begins.

Clever, resourceful Rat benefits hugely from the Goat’s strong cooperative tendencies. Stay calm, stay steady, stay centered, and you’ll attract valuable allies.

Be proactive under the May 17/18 New Moon. Rat’s analytical skills shine under the influence of practical Wood. With careful analysis comes perspective, with perspective comes confidence, and with confidence comes the keys to a promotion or that great new job just over the horizon.

Beware! Between your tendency to be a soft touch to those nearest and dearest and Goat’s casual attitude toward money, you could experience a fruitless cycle of endless handouts. You may have to tighten your own belt, or secret resentments can upset family harmony.

Listen to your inner accountant: That’s the analytical Wood principle, whose eye is always on the books. If you don’t look out for yourself, you won’t be able to look after anyone else.

The September 27 Lunar Eclipse offers Rat a positive fresh start for any plan to improve your credit or save for the future.

chinese zodiac signs ox2015 Chinese Horoscope: Ox

In the Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, hardworking and reliable Ox will experience some highly refreshing impulses. Time spent close to nature will renew your spirit.

Goat helps Ox experience the load-lightening effect of teamwork. You might occasionally choose play over work! After a slow start, the April 18 New Moon promises renewal in any area close to your heart.

Have the courage to surrender any habit or situation that no longer serves your best interests. Sensible Wood energy helps others appreciate down-to-earth Ox. Your loyalty and determination will be rewarded.

Ox understands love is hard work, and is ready for the long haul. Wood energy helps Ox provide a secure haven where love may grow and thrive. It also gives Ox the good sense to walk away when you are not appreciated.

The August 14 New Moon is auspicious for a romantic holiday or meeting someone new. Pay attention when famously romantic Goat whispers in your ear.

In established relationships, as you budget for the must-pay bills, don’t forget the florist and the vintner (or other little luxuries). Efforts you make toward being more romantic (this includes simple, regular compliments) will be richly rewarded.

Family & Friends
Invitations Ox might have once rejected with a snort as a silly waste of time call you to bust out of your corral this year. Goat says go for it, and you should listen!

Goat years promise Ox a new ease in mixing and mingling. Ignore any impulse to say no out of discomfort.

Wood energy encourages Ox to join groups based in or that serve your community. The more you get out, the better chance you’ll attract rewarding, possibly lifelong connections.

Any Ox willing to communicate has an abundance of charm and good ideas. The December 11 New Moon is especially lucky for finding an appreciative audience.

Memo to Ox: your co-workers rely on your steady, unfailing, utterly reliable ways. Some of them let you pull more than your fair share of the load. Let your inner Goat show them a thing or two!

A mutually supportive and respectful working team can be yours. Wood years offer continued stability as Goat inspires you to dream and even scheme creatively.

The October 12 New Moon is a powerful day to take steps to change or improve your job situation. By year’s end, you could reap major rewards as goals began as mere shimmering fantasies materialize in solid, Ox-satisfying realities.

Spendthrift, opportunistic Goat energy can cause frugal, plan-ahead Ox real anxiety. Your desire to be financially secure swims against a tide of unexpected events.

Money may flow out more often than it’s flowing in. Goat tempts Ox to spend when you know shouldn’t. You may make a surprising number of impulsive purchases. People you love may cajole you into indulging them.

Expect complications all year long. The November 11 New Moon is an ideal time to draw a line and reassess your relationship to money. In a Wood year, it’s never too late to create or review your household’s budget.

chinese zodiac signs tiger2015 Chinese Horoscope: Tiger

The Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, can bring a disconcerting un-wild and un-Tigerlike calm. Fear not. You haven’t lost your edge, nor are you going soft. You remain the magnificent creature you always were.

Tiger’s speed, brains, grace, and courage will be tempered by social Goat’s laid-back, nurturing ways. Refuse to be discouraged if faced with any disappointments or delays in March and April. The strength of your ideas is being tested.

Practical wood energy rewards slow growth. You’ll feel more confident about yourself and your prospects after the October 12 New Moon.

It’s a lucky year for romance. You can be a Tiger in Wood Goat clothing who attracts a new lover with seemingly gentle and innocent ways, and then pounces!

A Tiger in an established relationship can use this same tactic to refresh and renew the intimacy.

The August 14 New Moon brings an especially auspicious week to start or rekindle a love affair.

On the down side, Goat energy can distract you with outward wealth or good looks. Take your cue from the energy of Wood. Be analytical and practical when it comes to a new or historically difficult relationship.

Family & Friends
Your formidable reputation as a lover or opponent serve you well in a Goat year where bringing people together is a priority. Wood Goat energy will help you take a more patient and diplomatic approach.

At the same time your exuberant energy will get you noticed. Goat energy needs companionship, making this a fabulous year to plan and attend parties and gatherings of all kinds.

The October 12 New Moon is an especially fortunate time for sharing your interests and making big plans. Tigers mix business and pleasure with lively, intelligent, in-depth party conversation that often leads to something more.

Goat energy can be self-indulgent and a bit lazy. You might find it so much to your liking that you neglect your job. An unemployed Tiger is a dangerous Tiger.

Allow the sensible energy of Wood to help you do your best in the first half of the year. Any tendency to nurse hurt feelings can lead you to blow a golden opportunity.

Expect to discover increasingly positive opportunities after the September 27 Full Moon. If you have a job you enjoy, you’ll be doing a lot more highly productive schmoozing. Tiger will shine as part of any working team.

Tiger’s touching and naïve belief that money always shows up when needed is on overdrive in a Goat year. Goats actually do attract money through luck. A wise Tiger will be aware of this volatile combination.

There can be big changes in financial markets in the first half of the year. Finding yourself suddenly flush can see you indulge in such Tiger fun as expensive dinners, pricey presents, or adorning yourself with new clothes.

Luckily, for Tigers who listen, the Wood element will whisper sensible advice, and possibly save you from buying those incredibly expensive shoes you’ve always wanted – but can’t really afford.

chinese zodiac signs rabbit2015 Chinese Horoscope: Rabbit

Despite a slow start, the Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, can renew your faith in luck. Rabbit is naturally lucky.

As the year begins, things are unsettled. Don’t take this personally. There’s nothing wrong with you. Play to your strong suit: your ability to mix with others. Goat’s love of bringing people together makes this a power year for Rabbits to build lasting and influential contacts.

The March 20 Solar Eclipse offers a critical opportunity to set boundaries or clarify long-term goals. Wood rewards a careful analysis of any relationship or problem.

It’s a sunny-side-up year in the love lives of Rabbits. Goat is your natural compatriot and Wood your governing element.

These affectionate but realistic influences bring positive blessings for any close relationship. Even necessary breakups have a silver lining.

The August 14 New Moon is auspicious for a romantic escape or meeting someone new. A wise Rabbit will reach out.

In Goat years, intimacy grows out of a deeper sympathy for your lover’s inner workings. Your need for breathing space, even in a close relationship, will be less of a conflict with tolerant and sensible Wood helping you talk things out.

Family & Friends
Rabbit can be a secret snob. In Goat years your standards are especially high. Friends rely on you to improve the tone of any social gathering. You’ll be especially influential combining business and pleasure.

Throw yourself into planning parties and helping with community events. Be open to donating your skills for any good cause. Wood helps you stay organized and Goat improves your diplomacy.

Getting along with others sometimes means disguising critical thoughts about other’s failings. Generously contribute your refinement and taste without making others feel inadequate.

The December 11 New Moon can see you shine in a particularly influential setting.

In service professions be aware that a strong Goat influence can lead you to sacrifice more than you should.

The April 4 Lunar Eclipse can bring you to a crossroads where your career is concerned. You have permission to be more selfish and put your interests first.

Trust that this year’s powerful Wood confidence and practicality will keep you sure-footed in business. Channel those sympathetic urges into seeing all sides of workplace conflicts and spotting hidden opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to seize and opportunity for advancement. You’ll shine as an expert mediator or when there’s a sensitive deal to be made.

Money is essential to your fondness for the good life and its comforts and luxuries. This year can bring some wild fluctuations of financial markets. A prudent Rabbit need not worry.

Budget even a small income to create a reserve for treats and emergencies. Avoid a temptation to make impulsive financial choices around the September 27 Lunar Eclipse.

Goat influence might cause you to solve another person’s drama by throwing money at the situation. It’s best to draw the line and let others work things out for themselves. Talking things out can often be more effective than saving the day with a loan.

chinese zodiac signs dragon2015 Chinese Horoscope: Dragon

In the Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, imperious Dragon is offered a subtle set of tools to help recruit new loyal followers.

Peace-loving Goat encourages you to be more collaborative in pursuing your interests. A grounded, sensible Wood influenced approach spells success for any subject that arouses your passions.

The March 20 Total Eclipse brings Dragons to a crossroads at the height of their personal power. While some things will need to be surrendered, what remains becomes the foundation for a brighter future. Your confidence in the face of change attracts admiration and support.

A colorful Dragon open to the influence of sensitive, artistic Goat can be irresistible. You’ll easily attract a mate or dazzle your current lover. Be gentle with your love interest, unless, of course, he or she is another Dragon.

Near the August 14 New Moon, allow your intimate relationships to be as valued as worldly success. Let Goat bring out your inner tenderness and sympathy.

There can be trouble in paradise in the last months of the year. You may find lover’s quarrels sexy and stimulating, but a sensitive sweetheart can be hurt or put off by your version of an entertaining skirmish.

Family & Friends
It may seem simpler to do things from a solitary command position this year, Dragon. Expect major life lessons around the importance of collaboration. Even Dragons can be team players.

A Goat inspired Dragon absolutely requires the fun, relaxation, and emotional nourishment provided by time spent with your favorite people.

The April 18 New Moon may bring events to help you understand the value of compromise in creating a better balance in your life.

Wood years support a practical focus, even when having fun. You’ll be at your best planning a number of colorful extravaganzas and forging brilliant, enduring new alliances in the process.

If you are the rare Dragons whose work doesn’t provide sufficient competition, challenge, or an arena to employ your fearless intensity, it’s a highly auspicious year for making changes.

But don’t expect things to happen overnight. A two steps forward one step back scenario demands patience and refuses to ease up until October. In the meantime, the teambuilding qualities of Goat put you on the road to future success.

If you’re already in a satisfying occupation, Wood offers a chance for recognition as you work to develop practical plans and expand your circle of helpful contacts. Wood helps Dragon innovate, create, and motivate.

Money is power and a Dragon without money is a Dragon whose style is cramped. This can lead to frustration and a bad temperament. So, remember that it’s simply unbecoming for you to be short of funds.

Goat encourages self-indulgence. Any windfall is likely to make you extravagant just when you should save. Wood energy encourages budgeting and a careful analysis of your cash flow situation.

Create or revise a working budget early in the year to be in the best position to roll with whatever comes your way. Permit yourself small indulgences, but do not lose sight of the bigger picture.

chinese zodiac signs snake2015 Chinese Horoscope: Snake

In the Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, you’ll notice many of the people and things you most desire will come to you. They’ll practically fling themselves at your feet!

Trust that what you must surrender (or lose) this year, you no longer need. Despite your sardonic wit, which not everybody understands, the friendly energy of Goat makes you a much more approachable Snake.

After a slow start early in the year, the mysterious gears of destiny begin to turn in your favor. Don’t surrender your native Snake skepticism. Some things are too good to be true.

A need for passion of the mind along with passion of the flesh makes you both wild and choosy. Wood energy encourages you to seek enduring, habitable territory beyond the exotic rush of new love.

For some, when the early fires die down, if intellectual rapport becomes scarce, the obvious choice will be to slip-slide away. Goat influences inspire single Snakes to be more receptive to sweetness and nonchalance in a lover.

An already-attached Snake may feel that lightheartedness stirring in his or her own heart. Suddenly you’ll be in unexpected new territory, just when you thought you knew everything.

Family & Friends
Expect to be busy! Goat years bring people together and encourage community-oriented activities. It’s not always convenient being able to read other people’s minds, is it?

Noisy gatherings can rattle you. Being tuned in to the words behind the words is overwhelming. Practical Wood energy helps Snakes set psychic boundaries to insulate themselves against so much incoming data. Not that you don’t enjoy intensity! But you’ll be happiest with one-on-one contacts rather than the masses.

Plan small, smart, sophisticated gatherings with smaller guest lists. You’re at your best when the conversation is snappy and you can still hear yourself think.

Snakes are born detectives, no matter what your job. You can’t help it. Analytical Wood energy simply makes it worse. If someone in the workplace is up to any dishonesty or backstabbing, you’ll sense the vibrations before anybody else.

Early this year, major changes can trigger insecurity or unwarranted suspicions. Let Goat’s friendly, trusting nature help you let down your guard. Open communication and team building are powerful tools to improve your attitude and position. Colleagues relax in your presence.

If job-hunting, sensible Wood helps center and guide you so you don’t necessarily grab the first offer that comes your way.

The slow growth and cautious analysis of a Wood year helps you feel more centered and secure. For Snakes, the power of money is not in ostentatious spending. Snakes often have secret bank accounts, quietly compounding interest.

A year ruled by easygoing Goat can trigger some very strange impulses. You might raid your nest egg to invest, grease a palm, or even gamble.

Worldwide uncertainty early in the year can return in October and spell big changes in financial markets. Put a double lock on your money. Leave it alone, at least until you’ve done your homework and carefully considered your options.

chinese zodiac signs horse2015 Chinese Horoscope: Horse

In this strong, calming Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, be ready to experience new reserves of not just energy, but also focus, patience, and perspective. This will help you overcome certain unavoidable delays and frustrations.

In Wood years, things take longer to mature. The analytical reasonableness of Wood helps you control your temper. It’s a big plus as Goat values diplomacy and teambuilding over going it alone.

The March 20 Total Eclipse marks a critical point of decision making. Throughout the year, you and others will be challenged to surrender what no longer works.

Your don’t-fence-me-in ways have brought you both pulse-pounding excitement and big trouble in the past. Expect thrills with fewer tears as sympathetic Goat tunes you in to your lover’s needs. You’ll explore the power and pleasure of satisfying another.

Being less inclined to leap out of the corral and head off for greener pastures, Goat reveals treasures in your own “yard.” The August 14 New Moon is especially auspicious for renewing an old love or finding someone new and special.

Thoughts of settling down may enter your wild, free head. That’s sensible Wood calling you to build a blissful future.

Family & Friends
One of the strongest themes in a Goat year is creating happy occasions to bring people together. The party starts when you arrive! With your uncanny ability to juggle three or four conversations at once, you’re almost obligated to share yourself.

Horse is especially influential under the March 20 New Moon. Plan innovative guest lists and surprise activities. Let frolicsome Goat be your inspiration this summer.

For example, you could easily set up a makeshift badminton court and lead the way in a rules-free, everyone’s-a-winner game. You’ll burn off your own excess physical energy while encouraging lazier friends to get moving!

Disorganization is second only to procrastination as the weakest link in your master plan for success. On the job, Horse natives will discover order and organization creeping in as sensible Wood prevails. Your natural optimism and communication skills attract recognition in the year ahead.

The April 4 Eclipse can bring important but intense lessons about the direction of your career. Chummy Goat makes everyone especially talkative and gregarious.

Don’t be sidetracked by office chatter or make promises you can’t keep. Avoid this major risk of a costly misunderstanding – which Horse can avoid if you keep your hoof out of your mouth!

This year holds the potential for big changes that are not entirely under your control. Even a prudent Horse may need to dip into emergency savings. Do your best to have a small reserve.

Goat tends to attract benefactors. Follow this lead, stay calm, and don’t be too proud to share your problems with others. Wood encourages practicality and faith in slow growth.

Budgets may not be your favorite thing. Wood makes it easier than usual for Horse to create a budget and to stick with it. If you can, you’ll be in much better shape by the October 12 New Moon.

2015 Chinese Horoscope: Goat

You’ll find your namesake year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, to be richly rewarding. The Goat tendency to attract helpful benefactors will be especially strong.

Expect to find sympathetic friends wherever you go. This can lead to improved working or financial conditions. You simply have to have the courage to ask.

The March 20 Solar Eclipse can be a point of critical decision-making. Powerful forces for change are best managed with the careful analysis and practical planning Wood energy encourages. This could be a landmark problem-solving year for creative, happy Goat.

A wise Goat knows the highest calling in life is to have fun and to spread joy like a friendly contagion. In a Goat year, your true nature is much appreciated.

This makes you a highly desirable lover and gives you a tremendous advantage over any competition. Don’t doubt yourself for a minute. Expect to be adored and don’t settle for less.

The August 14 New Moon is especially lucky for romance. Don’t be afraid to try online dating or renew an old love. The patience and honesty encouraged by Wood helps long established partners discover a deeper intimacy.

Family & Friends
Goat is in a unique position to bring people together in a big way this year. Most especially in the last months of the year, plan parties and accept invitations, even those out of your comfort zone.

Your expert social skills smooth the way and get everyone over any awkwardness. Jump at social invites you might have ignored at other times – last-minute, not your “thing,” inconvenient, or even odd. This can lead to fateful connections that make Goat look back in wonder, “To think I almost said no!”

There’s a strong possibility an innocuous gathering will turn out to be a (literally) life-changing event.

In Goat years, team building, cooperation, and customer satisfaction become priorities. Your natural strengths will be much in demand. Colleagues will rely on you to make the work atmosphere fun and pleasant.

The Wood element at play this year will help you convey a more businesslike demeanor on the job. You’ll be taken seriously and can confidently apply for a new and better position. The more you network, the better your chances of improving your prospects.

Refuse to be discouraged by sudden changes or delays early in the year. By October things should be turning in your favor in a big way.

Potentially big changes on the world stage demand caution when it comes to personal finances. This can be a very lucky year, but don’t act as if you have unlimited resources.

While it is true that a Goat could come into a significant windfall as certain situations come to maturity, don’t bet on it. Let Wood bring out your inner sensible fuddy-duddy. Any money in hand needs to be respected and used within the confines of a strict budget.

Avoid get rich quick proposals or shiny objects that will be popular for just one season. Remember that money is power and saving makes you a more powerful Goat.

chinese zodiac signs monkey2015 Chinese Horoscope: Monkey

The Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, is complicated for Monkeys. You, and the world, may be challenged in unexpected ways.

You may look back on the March 20 Solar Eclipse as a point where everything changed. Set goals early and refuse to give up. The social graces encouraged by Goat help you be even wittier, wiser, and quicker than usual.

Wood years encourage slow growth and practical solutions. Monkey will find it easy to be in the center of projects where kindness, teamwork, and unusual collaborations open exciting doors of possibility.

Monkey intimacy grows in relationships where both individuals are not afraid to run the full gamut – the occasional dish shattering against a wall, a passionate demand for unvarnished truth, plus big helpings of sweetness and reconciliation.

You’ll reconsider any relationship where you settle for less than you need and deserve. Frustration early this year can lead to an important choice at year’s end. Kindly, Goat helps Monkey tone down the drama.

Wood encourages realistic analysis. If you are willing to reach out, the highly romantic August 14 New Moon can bring a new and exciting love interest. Be open to the advice of good friends.

Family & Friends
As the year begins, it’s an easy time to mix business with pleasure. Combine your natural ambition to get ahead with Goat’s focus on teamwork bringing people together.

You might make a profit (money or personal connections) by organizing parties or could make a name for yourself planning event logistics.

After a slow start, as you’re busy with other responsibilities, April brings a focus on friendship. It’s a lucky time to reunite with people you’ve not seen for a while.

Late August through the second half of the year is when Monkey will be in high demand. Host gatherings and accept as many invitations to have fun as possible.

No matter what the job, Monkey is happiest being in charge even if not officially the boss. Keep this in mind when considering your best career path.

Goat years reward teamwork and encourage more mutual sympathy. This can be turned to your advantage. Monkey may conspire with co-workers or outside advisors if it gives you an edge to improve your position or even find a better job.

Wood energy demands patience. Don’t let setbacks early in the year ruin your mood. Continue to do your best. The October 12 New Moon could lead to a fresh start in an important new direction.

Cows are born to eat grass, and Monkey was born to make money. Even major financial challenges are no match for you. Ingenuity and determination will see you land on your feet this year.

The March 20 Solar Eclipse can bring changes that, while upsetting for others, could be your ticket to the good life. Wood influence can bring a brilliant, enduring idea that will make you genuinely rich.

Goat years reward polishing your people skills. Set clear personal financial boundaries. Beware of manipulative ego-ticklers who’d like to weasel their way in to pick up your loose change. Flattery should get them nowhere.

chinese zodiac signs rooster2015 Chinese Horoscope: Rooster

The Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, brings a softening of Rooster rigidity. Your love of rules and order remains strong, but you’ll find it easier to be a team player.

Gentle, social Goat eases a tendency to judge the world and find it wanting. Not that you’ll be thrilled with people’s careless, incompetent ways. Influenced by Wood, you may discover benefits in being extra tolerant.

The March 20 Eclipse sparks a time of significant change. Goat energy helps Roosters surrender familiar things, ideas, or methods that no longer serve your best interests.

It’s an ideal year for proud, analytical single Roosters to find a mate. You’ll have no trouble with those first ice-breaking words or burning looks. Rooster’s high standards sometimes work against you. Friendly Goat helps Rooster get past petty turnoffs in a potential lover.

If you’re already attached, you’ll be far less critical of your mate.

The August 14 New Moon is an especially lucky day to start or renew a love affair. Plan something special. Wood energy makes this the season for planting the slow-growing seeds of love, resulting in a hardy perennial able to withstand inevitable climate change.

Family & Friends
This year playful Goat and practical Wood combine in a way that supports bringing people together for a specific purpose. In a social Goat year, group activities hold extra value.

Roosters tend to run gatherings, whether you’re hosting or not. Rooster shines as the go-to person to organize something fun that includes time for serious, consequential conversation. Your ideal festive gathering will be one with a cause or a focus such a fundraiser or award ceremony.

The June 16 New Moon is an especially auspicious time to plan or host any sort of event that benefits your community.

Roosters are rarely happy at work unless they’ve inspected and are acquainted with the entire hidden support structure. It’s possible to unintentionally exhaust co-workers who are not so meticulous. You’ll find it easier this year to ask colleagues nicely for what you need in a more diplomatic and less demanding way.

Goat helps you coordinate with others to achieve significant practical results. This can attract a new job or improve your current position. Don’t be discouraged with apparent setbacks early in the year.

After a slow start, the September 13 New Moon brings a positive season for improving your job prospects.

It’s a rare Rooster whose finances are not in apple-pie order. If you have any outstanding debts, or feel overextended, spend more time early in the year getting yourself organized.

There can be some major financial changes on a worldwide level, especially in the first months of the year. A wise Rooster will make a conscious effort to embrace the practical nature of Wood as happy-go-lucky, the-world-owes-me-a-living Goat can seem to make everyone around you lose their minds.

Don’t be afraid to say “no” or be perceived as a miser. Your watchful, responsible eye on the bottom line can save others from regrets at year’s end.

chinese zodiac signs dog2015 Chinese Horoscope: Dog

The Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, combines two energies that easily harmonize with your reliable, devoted nature.

This is not to say there won’t be challenges. Delays and unexpected turns of fortune can have you questioning your ability to care for others as you would like.

Events near the March 20 Solar Eclipse may demand both courage and diplomacy. Goat optimism helps you see and appreciate the true value of all you do. Goat’s need for happy relationships coupled with the slow growth of Wood can help you heal and overcome any longstanding family problems.

Romance is not as easy-breezy for Dog as your friendly nature suggests. It’s reasonable to be suspicious when your heart and family are on the line.

Action will be rewarded near the August 14 New Moon. It’s especially lucky to take your love interest on romantic escape. Single Dogs may find their love lives become happier and calmer.

Wood influence encourages trust, devotion, and the sort of warm companionship you value almost more than sparks and heat. Established pairings may go in either of two directions: deeper and sweeter, or, if love is old and cold, a wise Dog may seek a new home.

Family & Friends
Dogs have much in common with social Goat. Mixing with others is a Goat priority and brings surprising rewards. It takes precedence even over more practical concerns. Expect to discover new friends who quickly feel like family.

Get out and mix as much as possible. Amazing new doors of possibility will open. The July 15 New Moon is especially important for bringing family and friends together.

Throw yourself into community service. You’ll be a do-gooder in the best sense of the word and party down at the same time. Trust your intuition about people who need attention but may be hiding it.

When it comes to your work and public place in the world, this year holds the potential for major changes. Clinging to what is familiar may not be possible. Trust your intuition and have the confidence to follow your heart.

Despite your sociability and cooperativeness, you are single-minded and utterly independent once you have set a goal. The courage to do this may be your winning formula in a year that is great for teambuilding but unsettled overall.

The June 16 New Moon brings an opportunity to share ideas, build consensus, and make important contacts. The end of the year should see things settle down in your favor.

Practical Wood years encourage your protective and cautious nature. Conversely, Goat energy may arouse dependency in loved ones. With Goat calling the shots, heartstrings and purse strings could become confused. Dog can be more empathetic than is good for your bottom line.

Allow the sensible Wood element to support your powerful inborn sense of responsibility. Finding alternative solutions, or even saying “no” is likely for the best.

This year’s unsettled energy can strongly impact international markets. Be prepared for sudden unexpected responsibilities. Protect your interests and save as much as possible. Any extra you have at year’s end can be invested.

chinese zodiac signs pig2015 Chinese Horoscope: Pig

In the relaxed, easygoing Year of the Wood Goat, February 19, 2015 to February 7, 2016, you’ll be lighter on your feet than usual, and ready for spontaneous action of all sorts as your like-minded compatriot, Goat, beckons you to come out and play. By all means, just say yes.

Beware, though, of overdoing it – you don’t want to wake up on the floor wearing someone else’s glasses! If you let sensible Wood temper the urge to overindulge, this will be a year of growth and pleasure. Pigs just want to have fun!

Love is definitely in the air! Goat gives Pig an extra helping of charm and good luck. Allow sensible Wood to help you add common sense to the promise of passionate and happy times.

Online dating or a major social occasion can be the start of something amazing. The August 14 New Moon is an especially auspicious day to plan a romantic date.

An enthusiastic Pig might overwhelm a new or prospective lover. Some might mistake your ardor for obsession and be scared off.

If already attached, passionate urges promise to create deeper intimacy. Enjoy lavishing attention on your beloved.

Family & Friends
Goat years are all about bringing people together. It’s in mixing with others that influential Pigs will be most effective and have the most fun. There’s a strong possibility that you’ll cross paths socially with a person key to achieving your dearest goals.

The June 16 and October 12 New Moons are ideal for party planning. Be on the lookout this summer for big public outdoor events that contribute to your community.

Organize regular get-togethers with family and old friends. Food and drink are Pig’s weaknesses – especially in a self-indulgent Goat year. Pay attention or you’ll pack on the pounds.

Be patient with setbacks or delays early this year. Anything lost is no longer in your best interests, anyway. Communicative Goat improves your standing on the job or helps you discover a new and better position.

Self-confidence and charm make Pig a standout boss, employee, or customer service specialist. Make teambuilding a prime focus. You’ll shine salvaging deadlocked, or seemingly hopeless situations.

The analytical tendencies of Wood help Pig sidestep situations where others could try to take advantage of your good nature.

Contacts made just before the September 27 Lunar Eclipse will help you get ahead. Expect growing opportunities at year’s end.

The good sense of Wood is needed when it comes to managing money. The March 20 Solar Eclipse might trigger a season of financial shocks. It may be months before things feel more stable.

The most serene Pig will keep a personal budget tracking spending and income. Avoid the Goat weakness for shiny things you really don’t need. Careful investing can grow your money. There is power in paying down debts.

Goat years can bring unexpected windfalls. Conversely, if you loaned money to friends or relatives, and can afford it, consider forgiving those debts. Generosity is good for the soul.

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