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Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are not a common first choice. What a mistake! A winter wedding can be fantastically glamorous – more than in any other season. Of course, you should take into consideration all the limitations that go with the weather (although every season has its downside, and winter is not worse for any reason), but also remember all the great things you are going to get.

The first and foremost thing you have to consider are the lower temperatures. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream dress if it doesn’t have long sleeves – just don’t forget to take a bolero jacket or a stola to protect yourself from the cold – until the time comes to shine at the party. In fact, the biggest assortment of gowns is available during winter time – you can either take the lighter ones and add a warmer piece of clothing or pick a beautiful dress made of heavier materials such as brocade which would be too warm during other seasons. Don’t forget, there are a lot of little tricks that can help you.

Winter wedding reception

If you’re having a longer reception in a cold church, and you really want a dress made of lighter materials, feel free to wear thicker nylon stockings or even tights (white, of course) – you’ll have the time to take them off before the party and you won’t shiver during the ceremony along the man of your life. It goes the same for the groom. Don’t be afraid of coats. Maybe you already have a good-looking white coat, or maybe one of your friends has one? Or perhaps a warm cape, in which you’ll look like a fairytale princess? You shouldn’t have any troubles with the jewelry – nothing is over the top or understated during the winter. A tiara white ice-white diamonds or a big necklace will not seem inappropriate.

winter wedding ideas

Although there is room for experimenting when it comes to the dress and suit, be very careful with the shoes. It would be a good idea to prepare warm alternatives – for the church, for taking photos in the snow, getting to place where the party is being held, etc. You don’t want to catch a cold at your own wedding! This doesn’t mean that your special day will be less special – no matter the weather, you can wear any kind of shoes to the party, regardless of how much they’re open.

winter wedding ideas

The elegance of icy white, silver or gold colors can apply to all of the aspects of the wedding. Christmas colors – red and green – also have a place at this time of the year. The themes of winter, snow, purity and whiteness will make the celebration of your love even more beautiful. You can do the room up with decorations that appear frozen, candles or you can add even more warmth and love around you by serving traditional winter food and drinks (for example, hot chocolate). You can add pine branches for an adoring scent. If you opted for an ice sculpture (so ever popular in the movies), you will not have to worry if it is going to stand the heat. And the cake won’t melt for sure.

winter wedding ideas

Don’t forget about your guests. Check if the location where the party is taking place is going to be warm enough. If you’re having the reception at a colder space, you can rent heaters that are usually set on cafe terraces and make sure everyone is warm enough. But don’t forget – there is no need to overdo it since you and your guests are going to get warm by dancing and having a good time.

winter wedding

Be ready in time. Maybe there will be a heavy snowfall at the day of the wedding, maybe there won’t be any snow at all. Prepare yourselves for possible rain (you can find useful tips concerning this matter in texts about spring and autumn weddings) – rubber boots or something similar could come in really handy – and add an unexpectedly neat detail for which you will be remembered by. Use the weather to your advantage and don’t get distracted if it doesn’t turn out as you planned. If you’re lucky enough and there’s snow, use the opportunity to take beautiful photographs and an unforgettable atmosphere. If you live in a warmer or there simply is no snow, enjoy the pleasant warm and sunny winter day. And if you get bad weather, who cares? You are being loved, you’re entering a new life that you’re going to share and you’re celebrating the happiest day with the people you love. A little slush can’t spoil that!

winter wedding ideas

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