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Shut Up And Watch The Unstoppable 2015 Wedding Trend

Wedding trends come and go. Singing wedding speeches, bridal jumpsuits, drones and all other stuff is a phase that basically stops eventually. But flash mob dances are still going very strong. This 2015 became a wedding routine for Walk The Moon’s hit Shut Up And Dance”.

Take a look at 10 of the best Shut Up And Dance wedding flash mob videos.

Sassa and Jon Wedding Jul 1, 2015


Rachel & Dan’s Wedding June 28, 2015


Lisa & Zach 6/27/15


Amanda + ERIC = AmERICa Jun 10, 2015


Knapp Kendry Wedding Oct 21, 2015


Krakowiak’s wedding Aug 27, 2015


Anna & Ben’s Wedding Oct 19, 2015


Steichen and Stiles Wedding – July 26th, 2015 (Nicollet Island Pavillion)


Katie & Erik’s Wedding 26th September 2015


Wisner family at Rachel and Andy’s wedding June, 25 2015


Tell us what dance routine and wedding do you like the most.

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