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Fiji – Coral Capital Of The World

For valid reasons that will be seen, Fiji has been repeatedly counted as one of THE most romantic places on Earth, and has been one of the most celebrated wedding and honeymoon destinations.

Fiji may be hard to immediately spot on a globe, but this country of islands in the southern Pacific Ocean boasts an incredible mix of beaches, greenery and tropical climate that you’d be hard-pressed to duplicate anywhere else.

For those looking to actually conduct the wedding ceremony in Fiji, you’re in luck. The country has a selection of local wedding planners who not only will welcome you to the beautiful islands but make sure you get your personalized dream wedding.

If you and your newly betrothed are honeymooning in Fiji, rest assured that it will be a romantic and intimate time to remember as you’ll be surrounded by reefs in the sea and tropical rainforests on land.

All of Fiji’s 333 islands originated from volcanic activity, which is evidenced by the rich geographical landscape you’ll see here. Nevertheless, it is a relatively sparsely inhabited nation, but economically prosperous due to its natural resources and a robust administration that stems from British exploration in the 17th Century. Getting to Fiji needn’t be a nightmare, despite its remote location, as many airlines carry flights directly to Fiji’s international airport on the island of Nadi, with further transport available through its domestic flights and seaplanes. Also, while citizens of some countries may have to apply for a visa beforehand, a 4-month visa is automatically issued to most foreigners on arrival. The people, comprised of mostly Malenesian, Polynesian and Indian descendants, are friendly and welcoming so you will feel right at home.

Fiji, coral reef

Once you get to Fiji, you can thoroughly enjoy fulfilling your tourist duties on the main island and Viti Levu, (home to the capital Suva), with its majority population of 70% of Fijians. Nadi island has all the facilities you may be missing back home, such as big-scale shopping malls, entertainment, open market and a dynamic nightlife, but let’s face it, you won’t be spending too much time in this urban city when you know paradise on earth awaits you a short distance away!

Diving in Fiji

Viti Levu and fellow main island Vanua Levu are the urban islands of Fiji, as they are home to world-class diving, surfing and trekking, yachting, boating, and dolphin watching, and therefore a must for adventure-seeking couples! Fiji is actually known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’, and venturing out to explore the underwater world of over 1000 species of fish and flora can be a new favorite experience you share together.

If you prefer a slower-paced honeymoon, moving over to the off-shore islands is for you. Taveuni is the fourth largest Fijian island, and is dominated by its tropical rainforest. Although the site of a famous battle scene with the Tongans a long time ago, it is now as calm and vivid as the sea around it, and cottages and accommodation here is perfect for the budget-conscious or nature-loving couple as it is a truly eco-friendly environment.


The Yasawa islands are similar to Taveuni in terms of being the less commercialized parts of the nation, but instead of tropical rainforests all around the Yasawa group bursts as much of natural beauty as anywhere else. Stunning beaches all around with perpetual sunshine, you’ll find a number of resorts available here, sometimes even hosted by locals!

On the other hand Denauru Island was particularly developed for foreigners, therefore comprises of remarkable hotels, luxury villas, golf courses, five star restaurants and even the Fiji International Jazz and Blues Festival. Nearby, the Mamanuca Islands are another must-see, (if not must-stay). Consisting of about 20 islands, (one of which was actually the location for the hit film Cast Away!), are dotted with places to stay, activities, local life, as well as secluded spots for you and your loved one to stay in for a while too.


And stay, you will want to. Fiji has a lot more to show and tell than words can simply say!


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