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The Bachelor Party Ideas

It’s a tradition for the bride and groom to spend their last moments of freedom surrounded by their friends of the same sex to let off some steam before the wedding. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should cheat on the love of your life, but have a good time with the crowd.

There are some things you need straighten out with yourself before the actual party:

  •  What do you want out of your bachelor party?
  •  What do your friends want out of a bachelor party? (although it’s your party, you still need to consider other people’s opinion so everyone can have a good time)
  •  What are you planning to spend on the party? (According to tradition, the best man makes sure that everything is in order and covers the expenses of the party, and also has an important task – to safely get the groom home)

Most guys want to spend their final moments with strippers and alcohol, but lately, many grooms decide for a close circle of friends, playing poker, having fun, and, of course, refreshing alcohol drinks.

A small budget
Why change habits just because you’re getting married? Take your closest friends to a bar, have a few drinks and head for the club and have a good time. After you’re done for the evening, grab a bite to eat to avoid headaches the next day.

Medium budget
Listen to all the advice you got from your friends and decide for the best plan. Usually this comes down to buying an enormous supply of alcohol and throwing a bigger party at a friend’s house, ordering pizza and hitting the bars before going to a certain destination – maybe a club. Again, pro tip for the end of the evening – get something to eat.

The second option is actually pretty common – renting out your local starting point (bar) and inviting a large number of friends to party with you. Of course, you won’t have only male visitors at such parties so all of your single friends might be really glad. You can set up a buffet and hire security at the entrance so you wouldn’t have any trouble with uninvited guests.

The third option is a paintball day. Get your friends together and take them paintballing. Have a great time, get a barbecue going and leave beer in the fridge so your guys can get refreshed after scoring a victory on the field. After the action, you can get dressed up and spend the evening at your favorite restaurant or, for the restless ones, head to a club.

Big budget
You have too much money on your account. Then, nothing is a problem. You can go as far as you can imagine. But you still have to have good ideas. If you want a traditional bachelor party, head to the sea coast or to the countryside in somebodies countryhouse or a hotel to avoid cleaning and combine steps from the first two examples.

The other version is to take your friends on a trip where a good time is guaranteed. Of course, notify your friends so they can find their passport and check their validity, or get new ones if necessary.

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