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What the Groom Needs for the Wedding

A groom’s suit is not mentioned as often as the wedding gown, but that doesn’t make it less important. Make an arrangement with your loved one about the color (black, gray, white…) or details (color of the vest, etc.). You can buy your suit, have it made or rent it out, but be sure to give yourself some time to choose one.

Pick someone who will help you choose and try out a variety of suit cuts – once you see yourself wearing a certain model, you’ll know whether the cut suits you or not. Don’t forget about the shoes. Since the length of hoses of your pants depends on your shoes, it would be wise to buy them at the same time as the suit. Some shoe models simply fit better with certain suits, and the best way to check that is to wear them together. Also, shoes will set the length of the hoses of your pants, so be sure to have them with you when the tailor or salesman determines the length of the hoses. Maybe this doesn’t seem important, but it will significantly affect your final look.

For a “classic” wedding you are going to need:

  • a suit
  • a shirt (if you haven’t decided for an informal wedding, it should be long-sleeved, a spare shirt would also be a good idea)
  • a tie
  • a vest
  • a belt or a decorative band
  • a decorative handkerchief
  • if the shirt has cufflinks, you’ll need those too
  • underwear
  • socks

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We all know that wedding is the most special day for both of you, but if you follow our advices bride will be very happy with you and it will be worth your while.

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