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How to Save Extra Money When Planning the Honeymoon

Treat yourself with an unforgettable honeymoon! We’ll try to reveal some tricks to save a larger amount of money for arranging the trip you’ve been dreaming about your whole life. Follow the next four tips and enjoy your first trip as husband and wife, one which you can afford without going into enormous debts.

Wedding gifts
You don’t want gifts for the wedding, only money? Write it on the invitation or tell it to your guests when you invite them. Tell them you’re raising money for your honeymoon in an exotic destination because somebody might be able to get you some sort of discount (if he/ she works in a travel agency, etc.) If you already have a reservation for a certain destination you might make a list of presents like cocktails in the hotel lounge in the Maldives through the week which might add up to 150 euros or a romantic cruise through the islands for 100 euros. You’re giving options to your guests for them to make your dreams come true by paying the sum that suits them, and you’ll definitely enjoy your dream destination after the wedding.

Free upgrades
The honeymoon is a special occasion which the salespeople value and they are willing to go a step further in order to get picked and be happy altogether. When making reservations, inform the airline, hotel, rent-a-car or anybody else that you’re on your honeymoon and ask for certain commodities and discounts they can give you. Use the same approach in person, you could get even better service that way.

The time of travel
Have in mind that leaving on a honeymoon during holiday season will be a lot pricier than a Christmas or Easter trip, Valentine’s Day, or one in July or August. We know it’s a tradition to leave right after the wedding, but, why not wait for a month and enjoy even more if you have the chance to cut half of your planned costs. If the weather allows it, of course.

Euro to dollar exchange rates
Bear in mind that the place you’re spending your honeymoon affects your budget. The euro is worth more in Europe, but the dollar is worth more in North and South America. Not only are plane tickets and fares cheaper, but you’ll leave the exchange office happier. Watch out for the exchange rates while exchanging money because you could lose a hefty amount if the rate is not in your favor.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for discounts and use everything at your disposal in order to have a honeymoon that will bring a smile to your face every time you remember it. Enjoy!

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