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J. Quinn Miller T-Rex Wedding Photo

The Best Wedding Photo That Stunned The World

We bet you have noticed that professional photographers are placing bride and groom in front of perfect scenography ever looking for the best photo that will leave everybody speechless. Yes, that job is very difficult, but nothing is better than spontaneous moment that will leave u with your mouth open.

Photographer J. Quinn Miller while working on Lowders wedding in Baton Rouge in Los Angeles took the best photo in the world that has left everybody on the face of the planet breathless. Everybody else try to top his work!

Let us clarify little bit. Miller is a good friend of the groom and loves dinosaurs. When the time for perfect photo came up, after many tries, he literally told his crew to run to him with fear in their eyes. Of course that T-Rex is not real, but right here you can see what great Photoshop master can do.

“We got them to run at the camera, and I got a stock image of a dinosaur and put it in. I was lucky to get one perfect shot of the wedding party, and the result is what you see”, says Miller.

Maybe even better than the picture are those comments on Facebook and other social media, because human imagination can do whatever it wants.

Look at other work of photo master J. Quinn Miller.

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