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Summer Wedding

Summer is probably the best season to get married. Warm weather will give you more possibilities than in any other time of the year. You can sunbathe, have an outdoor wedding, wear a light dress… If you’re one of the lucky ones to get married during this time of the year, here are some tips for you.

When sending out invitations, don’t forget that summer is the time of vacations. So it’s good to send them early enough – so that your loved ones won’t be on holiday at that particular moment.

The first thing on your mind after the invitations (and maybe even before) is the dress. Because of the heat and the casual feel of the summer, you can afford dresses that other brides can only think about. Along with the traditional long one, you can go for shorter models. If you’re ready for a “wild” wedding, you can go for a mini-dress. If you want to go with something more formal, try on medium-sized dresses, that go down just below the knees or between the knees and calves – combined with high heels, you’ll look ravishing! You can decide in favor of a strapless dress, but just in case (if you’re getting married in a church, then it is mandatory) take a stola or bolero to cover your shoulders and be a backup if it gets colder. Wedding gown with deep cuts, on the leg part or cleavage, won’t seem inappropriate at this time of the year so you don’t have nor you’ll need to worry whether you’ll be cold. If you decide for a longer dress, check whether the train of the gown can be separated and lifted (most gowns of this type have a button on the back side which you can use to shorten the back part after the ceremony, which will make moving easier and prevent the dress from getting dirty – especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

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Be sure to watch the material from which the dress is made. Maybe you really like a dress made out of brocade or any other harder material, but don’t forget about the amount of time you’re going to spend wearing it. No matter how much you try, you’ll get hot and you should rather go for a lighter material in which you’ll feel comfortable and you won’t have to worry about sweat stains. Chiffon, organdy, georgette, satin, crepe, lace, silk… are just some of the materials that will look good and won’t be too warm. Give yourself time to choose a dress and try it out as many times as you like until you feel comfortable wearing it.

The groom should watch for the material the suit is made of – he should choose something light, something that won’t feel unpleasant. The shirt should definitely be made out of natural materials, and we recommend the same for the suit. The maid of honor, the best man and the guests should also bear in mind that they will probably be wearing the same clothes and shoes all night and that this should be adjusted for the warmer conditions.

Warm weather will definitely make the process of picking shoes easier. You can easily wear sandals under the dress. But look out – this is not the time to experiment with synthetic materials on your shoes. You want something comfortable and something that breathes.

The groom should make sure that the shoes are made of natural materials and should wear light socks (if he has a problem with sweaty feet, he can take a spare pair and/or ask the best man to take powder or spray, so he can change socks if necessary).

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Your hairstyle is up to you, but still, consider the temperatures. If you decide to let you hair down, bring hairpins, a rubber band or a hairclip so you get lift it up if it gets too hot. If you’re planning on having a complicated hairstyle with a lot of hairspray, make sure it will stand the heat. If you’re dreaming about a real flower in your hair, you couldn’t have chosen a better time to get married – a natural ornament will definitely bring out your beauty on your special day.

There is one thing that brides that get married in the summer need to pay more attention to than those who are getting married in a different time of the year – makeup. Warm weather calls for better makeup or frequent adjusting. Be sure to try exactly the products you’re planning to use just before the wedding – go shopping, take a walk and see how it reacts to heat and sweat in order to find this out and prevent unpleasant surprises (or go out and dance your head off and see if everything is in order). Ask a friend or your maid of honor to hold your makeup that you’re going to use in case it’s necessary. Take some tissues and wet wipes, just in case. It’s not bad to have tissues for removing makeup, in case you need to do some serious “repairing” (smudged mascara or lipstick, if it’s in a stronger color, etc.) If you’re getting married in the warmest part of the year, check for thermal sprays you can get in pharmacies or drug store – they can not only freshen your face up, but also tighten your makeup. In general, if you ever considered products that are supposed to be worn over your makeup in order to make it last longer (“makeup sealing” products – from the ones for eye shadow to sprays for your face), this is an ideal opportunity to use them. Avoid creamy eye shadows and blushers, they’ll get smudged in warm conditions or simply disappear, rather go for powdery ones. We definitely waterproof mascara (if not for anything else, then for the situation where most brides tear up from happiness during the ceremony).

If you have to worry about makeup more than other brides, flowers certainly won’t give you headaches. You have an almost unlimited choice of flowers for the bouquet and decorations – the sky is the limit!

summer wedding ideas

Summer gives you a chance to have a slightly different wedding. Maybe you want to do it on a beach, add some colors and choose a wedding dress that isn’t white but pink, peach colored, slightly purple, light green, blue or even red? A lot of things are allowed during the summer, you can even decide for a “theme wedding” (a certain color, on the coast, on a boat, in a park, etc.). You can get married on a beach or near a river (yes, you can get married outside of a registry office, the cost will only be a little bit bigger). You can choose a castle or maybe the walls of old town Dubrovnik – the list is endless.

You can use fresh flowers and fruit as decorations and offer them to your guests. The tables at the formal lunch or dinner party can be an explosion of colors and flavors (you can decorate them with berry fruit, watermelons… if you’re having a wedding at the seaside, use the abundance and beauty of sea fruits – your tables will be paradise for the eyes and the stomach!).

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