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Beauty Sleep Helps Brides Night Before Wedding Day

We all know that human body needs rest and that we need our 8 hours of sleep to recuperate. Actually we need at least 4 hours of continuous sleep (REM phase of sleep) so that the body repairs its cells such as skin, hair and nails. As you know it, those are very important for every woman and especially for brides.

Every bride is nervous before the big day, but we will give you advices on how to cope with lack of sleep before wedding day.

Avoid coffee and stimulants
Caffeine is good for keeping body awake and you don’t want that. Caffeine can be found in coffee, chocolate, tea and other drinks so try to avoid them. At least for couple of hours before you go to bed.

Try to tire your body and make it harder at the same time. Exercise is a great way to help you out with insomnia and you will feel better with toned body as well. Avoid too much exercise so you don’t feel all sore.

Turn off TV, phone, tablet, laptop
Do not play with your phone, tablet, laptop or any other electrical appliance before you go to bed. Those gadgets really tire brain out and it needs time to go to REM phase, but with those things next to you it will take longer time to get you to that dreamland you desire.

Ambient sounds for better sleep
If you feel really nervous and can’t fall asleep, try to put an ambient sounds on like waves and relax your body and brain and help to induce sleep. Try it out before and don’t experiment with things like that on a big day like this. You need your beauty sleep.

Make a sleeping palace
Try to make your bed as comfortable as possible. You know what you like so try to make it as you want. If that is clean sheets or putting satin sheets or something luxurious just do it and get into that lovely bed of yours and count those sheep that jump over fences.

Let us know in comments how you fall asleep and how many hours you sleep.

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