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Advice From A Mother To Future Mothers

Wedding Love is slowly growing and we have decided to create a new section called “Moms & babies”. We will take it slow, but safe. Read some advice and, if you are still not sure, find out what awaits you in the future most important role for your life.

Whether you are planning to get pregnant or it was unplanned, the fact is your family is having a guest of honor. The soul that picked you, that you’ve invited to enter your life.

Usually, I don’t like the word “planning”, especially when it is used in the sense of conceiving new life. There is no plan, only the desire to love and share your love. The moment you find out you’re pregnant, significant changes are going to happen for you and your surroundings. Yes, these are not just phrases. Beside the change in physical appearance, you change mentally. I like to put it this way – you’re going through a certain metamorphosis. You’re becoming a “lioness defending her cubs”, there is no one and nothing that can distract you in the most beautiful period of your life when you’re feeding the soul and body of the tiny creature inside you. You change from a smug careerwoman into a mother queen 😀 who starts her journey of raising a small child.

The relationship between a mother and a child definitely starts in the weeks of the babies’ conception. The energy and positive thoughts you’ll channel towards the baby will reflect afterwards. What I can say today as a mother of a 11-year-old girl is that reading picture books during the pregnancy, doing yoga in the early morning, diet that doesn’t strain your thoughts or body, whatever music suits you, even the immortal Depeche Mode, hot baths, your activity during the whole pregnancy (I almost gave birth at work), talking to the child and touching your belly is visible at every step. So far the little girl is about 156 cm tall and weighs 40-something kilograms and has artistic aspirations, towards music, sports, reading, fearlessness in exploring the new, sometimes the dangerous. I tell you now, we are waiting for the teen hormones to go wild.

Mommy and baby having a great time

But, what you ought to have in mind during that blissful state is the fact that you should follow your rhythm, your desires, your thoughts that come to your mind, signals that the body gives you during the pregnancy, mental ones as much as physical ones. Damn it, we are women, tears are normal, fear, occasional freak-outs, impatience, small grudges and a lot of things, but all we need is a warm touch and a few nice words.

On how are you supposed to eat and what you should be taking for the proper baby growth, I believe you’ll read in books for beginner moms, googling and following instructions from your gynecologist who will take care of you and your baby. A healthy lifestyle is always important, not just during the pregnancy, but while you’re responsible for the baby. Trust me on this, the baby remembers the flavors that were given to him/her during life inside of you.

Take plenty of vitamins, because they are consumed pretty quickly during the pregnancy. Especially for teeth preservation. You’re not going to be a toothless mom giving your kid a bad example :D. Take folic acid and other vitamins and minerals for pregnancies. Eat as much fruit and vegetables as you can. Personally, I wasn’t a raw vegetable person before the pregnancy, and by raw I mean raw broccoli, cauliflower or uncooked silverbeet, but the second pregnancy turned me around. You should have seen me strangling in raw broccoli – nothing would end up in a coup, the two of us would eat it all. And today, that 4-year-old munchkin ask during lunch: “Mommy, is there any more broccoli?” I think that’s something any mother wants to hear.

Make sure to have a couple of minutes every day for doing exercises for pregnant women. It’s extremely important for strengthening your spine because it carries a very big load. And later it will be helpful for carrying the baby, whenever and whatever the occasion. Use that time to have a good sleep, if you can say so, make a “supply” because you will forget about it later, no matter what people say. It’s going to be chaos, sweet chaos.

Do everything that’s good for you and your baby, whatever makes you happy. Because pregnancy doesn’t mean living inside a sterile balloon, it only means adjusting properly. Warn your surrounding about this. 😀

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