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12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist Calendar

By planning carefully you’ll be able to avoid all of the obstacles during your dream day and completely enjoy every moment you spend with your significant other while picking out the smallest details. Plans for a big wedding should start 8 to 12 months before the actual event in order to get everything done in time. Of course, a lot of couples don’t have the luxury of spending so much time so we will try to help everybody out.

Don’t be shy and ask your parents, best man, maid of honor, friends and experts for help because everyone will try to please and help you.

6-12 months before the wedding

  • pick a date and start visualizing the event
  • make a budget arrangement and determine who pays for what
  • decide if the wedding will be official, non-official or semi-official
  • pick a location
  • pick alternative dates with the church and minister
  • determine the size of the wedding and the guest list
  • pick a style for the wedding dress
  • choose whether or not you are going to have a veil and that pick a style
  • determine a look for the best man, maid of honor and close family
  • determine the location for the reception
  • find a caterer and wedding planner
  • plan the details for the reception
  • pick a photographer
  • make engagement photos
  • pick a dance school and an instructor
  • pick the music
  • pick a camera man
  • pick a florist for the church and the ceremony
  • make a guest list
  • discuss the color and style of the newlyweds, best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids and parents with your sister-in-law

Newlyweds planning wedding on a computer

4-6 months before the wedding

  • pick and order/ buy clothes and shoes for the groom
  • pick the music for the ceremony
  • make a plan for the honeymoon
  • decide where to live (apartment, house, loans, rentals…)
  • talk to a decorator about it
  • ask around about dancing lessons
  • register presents in the store you chose (big department stores are the best because they have a lot of things you need, and it makes delivery easier)
  • order invitations, envelopes, handkerchiefs…
  • make and print out maps to go with the invitations
  • pick hotel rooms for guests that will arrive from out of town
  • get a complete physical and get vaccinated for flu and other diseases (you don’t want to be sick on your wedding day)
  • buy the rings and decide whether you want them engraved

2-4 months before the wedding

  • make reservations for the things you are going to rent (tent, candlesticks, coasters, arches…)
  • have a rehearsal
  • do some pre-honyemoon and pre-bachelorette party shopping (sexy lingerie)
  • book a limousine, carriage or whatever you want
  • address the invitations (consider a professional calligrapher)
  • give the arrangements to the florist and decide for a final order
  • buy presents for the guests and for your better half
  • experiment with your hair and mascara
  • buy shoes for the bride and the bridesmaids
  • order a wedding cake

1-2 months before the wedding

  • send out invitations 4-6 weeks before the wedding
  • finish the whole ansamble for the bride (shoes, gown, lingerie, veil, make-up, hair)
  • determine the final outfit for the best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids and parents
  • confirm the honeymoon reservations (hotel, airplane tickets…)
  • start packing for the honeymoon
  • finish the decorations for the reception (balloons, candles, flowers, napkins…)
  • pick the small accessories for the ceremony (guestbook, ring cushion…)
  • pick the personal accessories (handbag, garter, souvenirs for the guests…)
  • set a date with the bridesmaids for a lunch or dinner where you are going to discuss details
  • buy a marriage license

2 weeks before “D-Day”

  • make an appointment for the hair dresser, pedicure, massage, make up…
  • invite the family, best man and maid of honor for a rehearsal dinner
  • move your things to the new address where you will start your life as husband and wife
  • arrange the seating order and write the names of your guests on pieces of paper to put on the tables or simply mark the tables with numbers and put the seating arrangements at the entrance
  • confirm the reservations at the hotel for the guest coming from out of town
  • confirm the transportation for the newlyweds, best man, maid of honor, family and guests and carefully go through the schedule
  • mark the presents as you get them and send thank you notes
  • arrange catering for the evening of opening the presents

1-2 weeks before the wedding

  • collect the rings from the jeweler and go through the size and engravings
  • final arrangements with the florist, decorator, musicians, photographer and camera man
  • send the final list of the guests to the venue of the wedding and the caterer
  • remind the men to buy/ pick up the shoes and suits and to try them on
  • make a schedule for the wedding day and hand it out to everybody during rehearsal
  • the day before the big day, have a good rest, do everything you planned and finish packing for the honeymoon
  • the planning is over, your day is going to be special!!!

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